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A Golden Wire Pop-Up

February 17th at 3:30
St John's in the Village 
218 W 11th street, New York, NY


A Golden Wire Consort.jpg

Consort music of Byrd, Dowland, Jenkins, Holborne, Ferrabosco and Mundy. 


A Golden Wire is expanding its horizons and cooking up some more English consort music to play in coming seasons. As such, we’re taking a week to invite colleagues near and far to join us in the city to try out some new repertoire! We’re incredibly humbled that Lucine Musaelian and Thomas Fields will be joining us from across the Atlantic, while Charlie Reed and Ryan Cheng will be taking time out of their busy NYC schedules to shoot down on the subway to the Village. 


Our short program will be something between an open demonstration and a concert, containing  favorite tunes by Byrd and Dowland, as well as some chesnuts by Holborne, Jenkins, Ferrabosco and Mundy. Overall it’ll showcase our general love for all things weird and wonderful in Early English music. (And indeed, if you don’t know a lot of consort music, or music by some of the lesser known composers, now is your chance to find out!) 


We’d love to see you there if you can make it!

Admission: pay as you wish 

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